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Rides & Attractions

Tufano Amusements has a wide selection of kiddie rides for the little ones and major rides for the big kids. Our vast variety of rides includes the Carousel, where the whole family can ride together; the thrilling Avalanche; and many more.

Kiddie Rides & Attractions

Castle Mania

The Castle Mania is a exciting obstacle course in which kids encounter punching bags, suspension bridges, a giant slide, and more!

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Dizzy Dragons

The Dizzy Dragons is a favorite among kids of all ages. As the ride spins, riders are able to control the speed that their vehicle spins.

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Kiddie Combo

The kiddie combo features a variety of ride vehicles for kids to choose from.

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Pit Stop

The Pit Stop is a kiddie truck ride in which children can pretend to drive their own truck around the track and over the bridge.

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Puppy Belly Bounce

The Puppy Belly Bounce is a favorite among children. Kids are able to jump as high as they can inside this giant inflatable pillow.

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Star Jet

Blast off into outer space on the Star Jets! As the ride rotates, it lifts into the air spinning riders at a slight angle.

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Super Slide

Riders slide down the 65' long, three lane slide on mats.

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Major Rides & Attractions


The Avalanche is a spectacular platform ride that whisks riders left to right and over the top in a fast pace motion. As riders crest the top, they experience a free fall sensation.

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The Carousel is the centerpiece of our midway. Our carousel features elegantly themed denzel scenery and brightly painted horses.

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Cliff Hanger

Riders experience a hang gliding sensation as the Cliff Hanger glides riders over the midway while laying in their own personal hang glider.

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Expo Wheel

The Expo Wheel is a spectacular gondola wheel that stands at over 60ft above the midway. At night, the Expo Wheel dazzles fair-goers with its spectacular LED light show.

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Ferris Wheel

The Ferris Wheel features 12 traditional Ferris wheel seats offering patrons a birds eye view of the surrounding area!

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The Pirate is a giant swinging ship that rocks riders back and forth up to heights of 40 feet!

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Rock Wall

Climbers are harnessed in fail safe harnesses with a self belaying system as they climb up the wall.

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The Scat is a ride for the brave. Riders stand in the cages as they are pressed to the wall using centrifugal force.

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The Swinger is a unique ride where riders sit in chairs attached by chains to the ride. As the ride spins, the seats gently swing out giving riders a flying sensation.

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Madison Rotary Club
July 17 - 20, 2024
Madison, CT
Vernon Exchange Club
July 24 - 27, 2024
Vernon, CT
Thomaston Fire Dept
July 31 - August 3
Thomaston, CT